Kaunas Nursery- Kindergarten "Šilinukas" 

The main focus of this nursery - kindergarten is early childhood and pre-primary education.

Kids in this insitution are educated from the age of 1.5. Taking into the account the requests of the parents, the nursery is open from 7am until 8pm (there are two extended groups).

The purpose of the education in the kindergarten is to help the child to become active, self-confident and develop an effective relationship with others, as well as critical thinking, curiousity, creativity and health. The primary goal is to to get the child ready for pre-school education, which would take into the account the experiences, abilities and educational needs of each child, based on humanistic and democratic values. In order to develop the concept of total health competence, the institution promotes principles of healthy lifestyle (with a focus on physical activity, hardening of children). Health education in the institution covers all age groups.

The Commission for the recognition of schools for health promotion (consisting of representatives of the Ministry of Education and Research and the Ministry of Education and Science), the nursery-kindergarten "Šilinukas" was recognized as a body that strengthens health. The "Step by Step to Health Country" health program is being implemented. The kindergarten takes part in the activities of the Republican Preschool Workers' Association, the Health Gelmans, health promotion projects (Olympics, Healthcare) and other programs ("Promoting Fruit in Schools", "Milk for Children").

In order to improve children's emotional well-being and to assist them in overcoming difficulties in the social and emotional capacities, the kindergarten participates in the international communication skills training programme ‘Zippy's Friends’. Once a week the kids over the age of 4 are given swimming exercises at the Kaunas Center Sports School Pool.

The traditional "Children's Summer Physical Activity Camp" is organized every summer.

Attention is also focused on citizenship and ecological education through the implementation of national culture (Linen) and ecology ("Ecological trail") programs.

All the educators at the nursery "Šilinukas" are skilled, competent, actively searching for new innovations and collaborative. Musical education is taught by music professionals. Speech therapists provide assistance to children with language and communication disorders as well as various disorders of development. The public health care specialist is responsible for the child health care at the institution. The chief nurse-dietitian is responsible for providing nutritionl requirements at the institution.

Address: Pašilės str. 34, 51358 Kaunas, Lithuania

Tel. : +370 37 353132